Artist Bio

Artist Bio

I am a self-taught English artist originally from Somerset and currently living in Hertfordshire. My repertoire ranges from art prints to original paintings, both in the form of abstract compositions and colourful, stylized blooms. My work allows me to pay tribute not only to nature and its beauty but also to evoke emotions and memories for my customers.

My artwork is not a traditional approach to flower painting. I take my creative journey outside of the traditional structure of painting flowers, allowing my abstract compositions and bright colours to guide my canvas. Each piece I create is an insightful and abstract conversation with flowers and nature. My pieces can be found in my store.


I’m currently living in Stevenage, and my artwork has been displayed in galleries such as The Brick Lane Gallery in Shoreditch, London, and shipped worldwide to collectors. I’m also a contributor to numerous magazines and have spoken of my artwork at the 80/20 Artist Summit, inspiring artists around the globe.

My mission is to create a more visual way to honour the memory of my grandparents, Carmen and James. Painting became a therapeutic act, and from there, it became a way to create beauty and honour the important aspects of life. My artwork encapsulates emotions and creates thought-provoking conversations at the same time.

Shop my art through my online store or get in touch through my contact form for commissions! I'll be glad to receive your message.