Ruth Davis
Artist | Owner

I am Ruth Davis, a self-taught English artist originally from Somerset and currently residing in Hertfordshire. As an accomplished abstract floral artist, my journey into the world of art began as a therapeutic act, serving as a way to honour my beloved grandparents, Carmen and James.

My artistic style breaks away from the traditional approach to painting flowers. I embrace abstract compositions and vibrant, colourful palettes to create unique and captivating artwork. My pieces have garnered recognition worldwide, being collected by art enthusiasts and displayed in renowned galleries like The Brick Lane Gallery in Shoreditch, London, and The Broadway Gallery in Letchworth, as well as various local galleries in Stevenage.

In addition to my gallery presence, I have actively participated in Art Fairs held in London and Hertfordshire, sharing my artistic vision with a broader audience. I have also been featured in numerous magazines, further amplifying the reach of my artwork.

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